EQUINE GUIDED EDUCATION offers an unequaled pathway to concentrated, deep-level learning.
Throughout history humans have been captivated by the power and grace of the horse. But what can horses teach us about leadership? Although horses are large and impressive, in the wild they are prey. To survive, horses depend on the safety of the herd. Horse herds are hierarchical in nature and evolve based on each horse’s current leadership capabilities. Since official titles mean nothing to a horse, we have to prove that we are capable leaders to earn a horse’s trust and respect; only then will a horse become a willing partner.
Professional leadership coaches guide you and your team through carefully designed exercises with horses to increase your awareness of your physical, emotional, and social behaviors and responses. You will have many opportunities to witness, practice and respond to different leadership and communication styles.
he Stanford Red Barn Leadership Program offers
customized equine guided leadership training for individuals and teams seeking to gain the knowledge and tools to be more successful, effective and authentic leaders.
Executive Coaching Team-Building Group Workshops
Participants may explore topics including, but not limited to:
  • Innovation: Inspire curiosity and creativity in yourself and others
  • Goals: Explore personal values and set goals accordingly
  • Motivation: Engage yourself and others
  • Challenges and Setbacks: Identify opportunities to overcome challenges
  • Confidence: Learn to assert yourself gracefully
  • Change: Understand the cycle of change and how to get yourself, your team, or a process unstuck
  • Stress: Manage pressure and set boundaries
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication: Explore the advantages and limitations of different forms of communication
  • Critical Conversations: Figure out what to say, how to say it, and when
  • Collaboration: Enhance group performance by fostering teamwork
  • Expanded Leadership: Embrace diversity, define roles, develop awareness of habits, negotiate and resolve conflicts
Stanford University’s Red Barn Equestrian Center
Fremont Road & Electioneer Road Stanford, CA 94305
Accessible by public transportation.
Avery Brown
Co-Founder and Program Director
Avery is the Barn Manager of the Stanford Red Barn Equestrian Center. She earned a B.A. and M.A. in Sociology from Stanford University in 2008. During her studies, Avery focused her research on leadership education through horsemanship skill acquisition. Avery also earned the United States Dressage Federation Bronze Medal in 2009. When she is not immersed in barn projects, Avery plays music and teaches jazz theory and composition.
Gwyn Gordon
Co-Founder and Business Development
B.A. in Psychology from Stanford University in 1989. Forty years of horsemanship experience and over two decades of involvement with the Red Barn. Founding member of the Stanford Equestrian Team, she has remained in a coaching or advisory capacity since 1991, and was instrumental in the renovation of the Red Barn Equestrian Center in 2004.
Jacqueline Hartman
Co-Founder, Curriculum Development, Lead Instructor and Executive Coach
Jacqueline has over 20 years’ experience in executive coaching, development, facilitation, and management of workplace-training programs. She specializes in cross-cultural awareness, conflict resolution, and leadership. She earned a B.A. in International Relations and Spanish at San Francisco State University and a certificate in Management Development for Entrepreneurs at UCLA Anderson School. She is a California-certified mediator (UC Berkeley) and a certified equine-guided education coach. Jacqueline grew up riding horses and competed on the Western Quarter Horse show circuit for 13 years.